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Astutegraphicssubscribeserialnumber ((INSTALL))



and I try to count it's cell's number by countAry = [string A]counted. but I couldn't count a string. My result is: countAry = ['1'] Any idea how I can count this? Edit: This is what I tried and it only worked if I didn't place a space between serial number and the word Astute. countAry = [string A]counted. A: 1) You're appending your array to a string (the cell's content) instead of appending to the string itself: cell.text = "astutegraphicssubscribeserialnumber" this will result in the array being appended to the string instead of being the string itself. 2) And then you're iterating over the array and taking the first element of each string in the array: countAry = [string A]counted. this will actually return a list of the string's first element (that is, the first letter of the string). What you want to do is take the string itself, not just the first element of the string: countAry = [string A]counted. and then iterate over the string (this is a sequence) not over the first element of the string (this is not a sequence) to get the individual characters: for eachChar in countAry: print(eachChar) This will print out each character in the string. Q: Browser's default datepicker I need to modify the datepicker in order to be a modal, the default one, that opens only when there's a click on a particular element. Is it possible? A: See You can easily make it a modal by changing the "overlay" option. Check the line "Adding the overlay" in the first example In general, many types of products are sold in a retail store, such as stores of a variety store chain or a convenience store chain. The products are placed in a storage rack, and the customers are allowed to select any one of the products. Therefore, the products are not displayed in a fixed position. When a customer selects a product, the customer examines the price or the sale

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Astutegraphicssubscribeserialnumber ((INSTALL))

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